Old school mac n cheese

Thanks for the help! Since I saw my grandmother use your pasta products. They are excellent. Nice and grated Sharp Cheese Hot…. It good all the time. I have used Muller products every since I seen them I. My grandmothers kitchen North Carolina ,Cary. Rate 1 ,5 stsr. I have made this recipe many times over the years and it is always turns out perfect….. I LOVE this recipe! My guess is that, that was the only cheese available during the Depression when her mom showed her. Now what I do is get the sliced AC from the deli.

Old School Mac-N-Cheese

The BEST! Thanks mom! I have been making a Muellers Mac and Cheese for years. The recipe changes on the box of elbows every so often.. I got this off of a box about 40 years ago. I have used this recipe for at least 35 years and nothing else comes close! I use Velveeta but sometimes use some Mexican shredded mix with it…super melty. If using other than elbow I add a little extra sauce. The best Mac and cheese ever! My grandmother used to make this for us. She was a great cook, but we never got her recipe for her baked Mac n cheese I refuse to eat the stuff out of a box.

Grandma had us fooled! May we all continue to enjoy a recipe worth of handing down! I only would do it literally once a year but I have been making this dish a lot lately. My boys love it! Easy to make, not a lot if time abd delicious. I had to laugh…asked my MIL for her recipe as my nieces were coming and love her mac and cheese. Thanks for the family secret!

Southern Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe (Updated)

I cooked this in October and everybody really enjoyed the taste totally used the recipe and I thought it had that home cooked church dinner taste thanks! Great Mac and Cheese! Learned from Mom. Seems like the recipe that she got off box. Always used extra sharp cheese. I use 8 oz. Use a full 16 oz. Freeze one for later. I grew up eating this as a child was one of the favorite things my mother made for me no I make it for my child who is 26 and it brought back memories for her of her grandmother.

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This is such a wonderful classic mac and cheese recipe! You might need to add a little more milk to the sauce, as the corkscrew pasta will probably absorb a bit more liquid than the elbows.

Old School Mac n Cheese

Let us know how using the corkscrews goes for you. I made this with elbows for years and had it as a kid. My children loved it. Then I stopped making it because it turned me off.

Old Fashioned Baked Macaroni and Cheese - Mueller's Recipes | Mueller's Pasta

I just started making it again only this time with Ziti with lines. Love it again. My family has been making this recipe for years! My mother made this for me quite often. My only change is to slice tomatoes thin and plac on the top with a sprinkle of cheese over that. Fabulous recipe. Make it all the time. Agree on the sharp cheddar. I have used crushed bagel chips or toasted bread cut into cubes in the past. I add a little chopped onion, use a variety of cheeses and have used leftover crushed potato chips,crackers,whatever for the topping, always taste terrific!

My basic recipe is a little different than above, I cut it out from the box about 40 years ago…. I use 1 block of sharp cheddar and one block of pepper jack cheese. Top with Ritz or saltines or cracked pepper crackers. Excellent bite and been using the recipe for over 20 years. Yummy on a cold winter night like tonight. She cooks the noodles al dente and replaces the flour with an equal amount of corn starch. Join the Conversation Upload. Most Recent Most Popular. Close Attach Photo Would you like to attach a photo to your submission?

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Old Fashioned Baked Mac 'n Cheese

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